It really depends upon what you are using the product for. You will at least get a few days of use out of the sample. If you have a few areas of dry patches that you use MaMa's Salve on, this sample will last you for a long time. If you want to cover your arms, legs, most of your body, you may have enough to use for a week. We have found that those who've used our products know within the first use or second how they feel about them, so you will have enough product to decide. The sample sizes are also convenient for traveling.

We consider the salve to be used on the stubborn patches of dry, itchy skin. Since only a small amount is needed to cover a decent sized area, this amount could last for a few months. If you apply this liberally all over your body, it may last a month. It is important to consider your environment too. When MaMa was in assisted living, the nurses were rubbing this all over her body since the skin tends to dry out much faster in nursing home and hospital environments. In that case, 100 gram jar may last a month.

We do not recommend the salve to be used on the face; however, we know some who have used it on their face and really enjoy it. The salve is a little too rich and may be too harsh on the face for most people since the skin is delicate and it's close to the eyes. If you are really eager to try it, we'd recommend doing a small patch test to see how your face responds.

As with any new product, it is recommended to do a patch test before applying products all over your body, especially if you have sensitive skin. That way if you experience an irritation to the product, it will be on a small area. If you do experience irritation, wash the product off immediately and contact your doctor if your reaction is severe. We do make a different version of this salve that may be a better option for you. Or you may want to try our Radiant Moonglow whipped body butter as it is a gentle product. Feel free to email us at support@mynataliejune.com so we can assist you further.

This will work for many but not for all. We do not recommend it for teenagers and younger as the essential oils included will be too much for them. We offer a different version that is more gentle that may be better suited for others who may be more sensitive.

Yes, we have received lots of great feedback at how MaMa's Salve has helped with really dry, cracked skin, including dry elbows. One of the things we've been hearing about our products is how they have helped a lot with some of those stubborn areas that don't seem to want to soften and moisturize.

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