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Skincare for Mature Skin

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Facial Serum

Whipped Body Butter

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Family Owned & Operated in the USA


For years I told myself I needed to make my own moisturizer. I had a hard time finding any non toxic lotions without aster family ingredients. I kept forgetting about it until my grandma complained she couldn't find anything that helped her dry, itchy skin. I did some research and made her the whipped body butter and salve. She loved both products. I'll develop more products over time, but those will be included as long as we're in business.

Our Mission

We believe mature women deserve to feel good in the skin they were born with, feel useful and loved in their community and be an important part of their friends' and family’s lives.

Purely Natural

Minimally processed ingredients that are close to the earth.


Less than 10 ingredients in each product.

Ultra Moisturizing

Butters and oils specifically chosen to bring rich moisture to the skin.

Schedule Your Personalized Skin Care Consultation

At Natalie June, we understand that as we age, our skin requires specialized care and attention. That's why we offer skin care consultations tailored to your individual needs. Our founder, Valerie Guerzon, will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your skin's unique characteristics, and provide personalized recommendations from our natural, high-performance product line.