About Us

Our focus at Natalie June is to create skincare products with simple and clean ingredients that moisturize, nourish & soothe mature skin to restore a radiant glow to dull, tired and itchy skin.

I'm Valerie, the formulator behind Natalie June, & I've been making many of our products at home before our first son was born. I've had visiting family members ask if I'd made the dish soap, I guess since it seems I make everything else. There are some products I don't bother making. I never got around to making a lotion-type product until my grandmother, affectionately called MaMa (pronounced Maw Maw), complained to me about her skin being so itchy and dry. That's one product I'd wanted myself for years since I had a hard time finding one I could use. So, I made one for her and one for myself. You can see her reaction on the video we have posted on the website.

Not long after, MaMa got very ill and was in the hospital and assisted living before passing away 9 weeks later. Throughout the process, the body butter and salve were rubbed all over her skin daily. The results did not go unnoticed. And out of that, Natalie June was born in honor of her.

My husband, Richie, assists with the marketing side. Our sons provide moral support. The oldest gets excited when I make MaMa's Salve as he had a special relationship with her. We're keeping her memory alive. I've always had a soft spot for the elderly & I want Natalie June to have products that help you feel pampered & cared for. I realize how frustrating it can be to find products that moisturize your skin. I want to create safe and simple products that moisturize & restore a healthy glow back to the skin so the search for products can end.

I'm just starting out so I don't have a full skincare line yet. I hope to add more products while keeping the routine simple. This isn't about needing 5 or 10 products to do various tasks. With older skin, you want to do as little as possible so you don't irritate & dry the skin out even more. I'm passionate about helping you feel good in your skin. I'm passionate about creating products that naturally rejuvenate your skin.


Back to the Basics

Our skin care line will be simple & basic. Cleanser, moisturizer & then a scrub or something to exfoliate occasionally.

By simplifying our skincare routine, we have more time for other things. Our cabinet and countertops have fewer bottles. We travel lighter, Most importantly, our skin is happier. I want to show you how beautiful you are without having to fight for it.

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Our Mission

We believe mature women deserve to feel good in the skin they were born with, feel useful and loved in their community and be an important part of their friends' and family’s lives.